#berlindesignexpo: Channel Glass is an inexpensive, easy-to-process construction material for facades and interior walls. Berlin based Industrial Designer Holger Jahns optimized the cross section of the originally U-shaped elements and by that made the building material fit for any sort of curve. The semi-circular flanks of the novel profile elements fit together like ball and socket of a joint - adjacent wall members can thus pivot freely. With c--c arcs and free-form curves or corners at arbitrary angles are no more complex to build than straight walls #dmyberlin #dmy2016
#berlindesignexpo: ICOON by @gosiawarrink is a global picture dictionary and universal language guide for any language in the world. Point on one of the 1.700 hand-drawn symbols, to communicate worldwide without words. 12 categories from food, hygiene and health, up to public authorities and leisure time, help tourists, patients with medical speech problems or refugees to make themselves understood. In 2015 the publishing house AMBERPRESS initialized the ICOON for refugees aid-project, which you can support under www.icoonforrefugees.com #dmyberlin #dmy2016
Modern furniture of high quality materials are designed and manufactured by Woodhound furniture. The clear and reduced formal language we use in relation with modern manufacturing processes. CNC machined components we use in order to realise ingenious connecting without screws or glue. The stool was designed for private as well as business environments. The generous side surfaces can be individually designed and milled. The stool is made without screws and is plugged together #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
#berlindesignexpo: Eitan Rieger.design. From Swiss cheese, through avocado, to watermelon. Each lamp is a unique interpretation of the element it represents. A light emitting portrait. Material is first priority. It is the core of each lamp. Therefore its process challenges the materials comfort zones. Its ability to conduct and diffuse light is also explored. This enhances different features of each lamp. Production involves handmade techniques with digital manufacturing processes. The lamps emit soft warm light. They can be used as night lamps or as decorative elements #dmyberlin #dmy2016
TIPSTAR is chair and ladder in one. WOOD'S UP has given the "ladder chair" a modern makeover at H 900 mm x W 450 mm x L 450 mm. STARSHELF is shelving system available in 3 different sizes. The use of wedges instead of screws guarantees easy and quick setup and dismantling. The shelves can be combined back to back or side by side, they always perform. Cabinet size: W 380 mm / H 380 MM / L 400 #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
WERKVOLL BY LENA PETER. Make two out of one. Two identical elements form the highchair. Each element is also a table and a chair. The height-adjustable seat and foot boards ensure ideal freedom of movement at any age. Due to the minimalistic and flexible design, Ma(h)l 2 can be used in the nursery and in the living, dining or sleeping area. The high quality and the timeless design make the product to a durable piece of furniture with a versatile application range #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
#berlindesignexpo: The Marlon Lounge Chair has a dynamic and modern appearance with a hint of midcentury design. Its main feature is its wide and inviting back rest; on the generous seat it allows for many comfortable seating positions; no matter if you sit on it straight or turn sideways to your conversation partner. Also ones arms find a naturally relaxed space on the back rest. It becomes even more relaxing when resting your legs on the Marlon Ottoman! The Marlon Side Table and the Marlon Coffee Tables neatly complement the set.
UNICORN Berlin. The idea to understand a vase not as a product, but as a segment of a sculpture, was the starting point of a series of extraordinary small tables. For the first table, it was needed to find 150 old vases to build a perfect column existing of three vases. The first few pieces of the collection participated from a range of more than 1000 old vases, found on flea markets and antique shops in and around of Berlin #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
son of nils aim to design and produce products with emotional and functional values that enrich society and everyday life. With love to the details is the design concept that finish first when they are satisfied with the last screw. Local production is also an important issue for son of nils, to promote and support local craftsmen while keeping a broad and vibrant knowledge of the region. As son of nils believe that quality always comes first, regional production is an ideal and environmentally friendly foundation for high quality products #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Found Objects emerge from a process which blends the conceptuality of a designer, the craftsmanship of an artisan and the manifesto of an artist. The designer strives for forms which capture the properties of matter and explorations of the world, reflecting the simplicity and yet complicity of natural forms. The final effect, a result of the hidden attributes of matter, delivers a message of integration. Since the objects coexist with the owner, gaining emotional and symbolic meanings, it is a priority to deliver unique handmade objects #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
The projects workspaces are a fusion of modern, human-centred design, premium sustainable materials and modular functionality. Customers can choose among materials, lenths and widths, colours and finishes, table legs and more than 10 interchangeable modules.The workspace furniture isnt a product, its a mindset. Each design and module is designed to make your personal workspace work around you and your values in terms of quality, aesthetics, sustainability and usability by @prjcts_ #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Packaging is carefully designed. A designer has given serious thought to presentation of the product; combining form, materials and colours in such tempting ways that we, as consumers, are compelled to choose their product over the one of the competitor. However, once that battle is won and the product is bought, at home the consumer discards the package and it ends up in the trashcan without anybody acknowledging the path that it took to become what it is. Pou-Belle design uses this 'trash' as base material for her award-winning products #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Ornament Control. Patterns, graphics, photo graphics, and photographs for new surfaces especially developed for use in architecture and interior furnishings. ornament.control delivers ready-to-implement designs as vector graphics or XXL tiffs. Whether wallpapers, textiles, floor coverings, 3D surfaces, or facades, our high-quality data and our partners most up-to-date digital production methods allow for the prompt implementation of large, small, and exceptional design projects #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
One studio is a design initiative between China and Northern Europe. By fusing asian and european design traditions, we aim to create user-friendly, everyday products #dmyberlin #dmy2016
@nusedesign is a new Galician-based Studio which designs and produces functional and unusual designs with simple but elaborate objects. They give priority to the quality of materials and attention to detail. NUSE recovers the tradition of the Galician artisanal manufacturing, looking ahead to incorporate new materials and ways of doing according to the new changes and needs. NUSE presents Caixal, based on the traditional techniques of high-warp looms, and Uralita, vases assembled by hand inspired by the constructive solutions of the rural Galicia #dmyberlin #dmy2016
Noumia Film are Silke Meya and Laura Mentgen. We are movie directors and motion designers based in Berlin, Germany. We create unique, artistic and individual design for image films, spots, graphic design and photography. It is our philosophy to immerse into the protagonist's world leaving it untouched. From reality we draw inspiration and ideas for our projects which tell stories about individual products and clients from a documentary point of view #dmyberlin #dmy2016
Czech company @masterandmaster.eu , founded by Ondej Zita and Ludk teigl, excels in the production of simple and efficient contemporary furniture of minimalist forms and natural production techniques. They create furniture as a product of everyday life. They pay homage to the legacy of the everyday product design, which is simple and easy to produce and use #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
@busterandpunch are rocking the Kraftwerk!! #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
MARYAM AL-HOMAID presents IN MEMORY OF THE ROUNDABOUTS, a critical design project in which virtual, non-existing iconic structures of the city are projected into reality to recreate that relationship or empathy to recall a certain memory. It questions the value of the existence of such structures #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
The Philosophy of the VAI Seat design is established from basic geometry. Every surface, edge, and the interlocking angles are calculated precisely with the Tetrahedron Formula to achieve great stability only with minimal triangular structure. Quick assembly and compact stacking ability for storage makes the VAI Seat highly versatile and interactive. Made from Valchromat' and finished in hard oil, it is easily manufactured in small or large scales and does not require any extra screws or nails #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
@stefanotargiacomo presents for the first time the work "DMY2016" designed on purpose to be presented at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin. From the assemblage of mechanical gears, he gives birth to a lamp inspired by the path of the location where the event is held. As well as the old disused power station takes on new life becoming an exhibit space, so older unusable mechanical gears were retrieved and harmonised with each other to give shape to a piece of furniture that is also a source of light #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
MINO, by Mario Lemma, is characterized by the double function of being both a coffee table and a game to challenge your friends in front of a cocktail or to relax after a working day. The game consists in making it through the labyrinth without falling into the many traps (holes) placed along the path. The labyrinth has a deep symbolic meaning: it represents the primordial chaos. Going through the labyrinth requires courage and intelligence as well as calm and sensibility #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
In HOKU, the design Made in Italy coexists with the efficiency and the most advanced technology, bringing to life the table lamp we would never want to part from. Simplifying the user experience has been one of the main objectives of the project that created a quality product in which the formal minimalism seamlessly leads to functionality. Intuitive to use, HOKU just needs to be touched to reproduce at any time the daylight that filters through the window on a sunny day, allowing you to remain productive at all times of the day #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Elena Ruebel & Joanna Tofilo are Berlin-based jewellery designers. Joanna combines shapes inspired by city and nature, Elena challenges the rigidity of geometric forms. Both produce minimalistic and elegant yet playful pieces of jewellery #dmyberlin #dmy2016
A simple ambient light source by @edgarhome that radiates a warm glow from a classic amber-tinted Edison lightbulb. The Tap ON, Tap OFF touch sensitive dimmer allows 3 levels of brightness #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
DueSenzaTre Studio is based in Spain since 2013 and was formed by a Italian theater craftsman and a Spanish industrial designer. Their work is an amalgam of design, art and creativity using novel materials and returning novelty to dismissed and waste products. They take particular interest in human skills, intelligent use of resources, traditional artisanal technics and small scale production. Every piece is handmade in their own workshop in Valencia #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
HARRY is a timelessly elegant, stackable shelf made of melamine-laminated MDF. Beyond HARRYs simplicity is a well-devised system of elements which allows for countless combinations adapting to your space requirements. All modules, be it the shelf, drawer or door element, are interchangeable. Whether it is free-standing or stacked up against a wall, HARRY always cuts a fine figure #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
The Lido collection was inspired by the mediterranean summer. The vivid colours of the beach give its main characteristics (swimsuits, ice cream, sunshades) combined with natural materials like wood and terracotta. Teaming up the vigorous and natural colours create an intensive effect and in the meanwhile call up heartwarming summer memories. The Nilson collection was inspired by the Scandinavian intellect. The objects created by this are a stunning result of the charming simplicity and practical design #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
EGGX - playful collection of wooden interior accessories Our original product line produced by czech design workshop FUGOTO develops the oval shape of eggs into X-number of forms. The simple iconic design brightens up your home or office and wakes up your fantasy. EGGX are the eggs you'll fall in love with. Made of linden wood and steel wire. Available coloured or naturally treated #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
@flowers_for_slovakia is an extraordinary project for extraordinary talents. Unique exhibition collections are inspired by vernacular craft tradition and promote the cultural heritage of Slovakia abroad through the language of contemporary design. The third travelling collection of the successful window in Slovak design comes back with a collection of contemporary jewellery. Pass it on outlines historical timeline of Slovakia through evocative objects, telling stories of outstanding personalities, who contributed to changing their era #dmyberlin #dmy2016
brsg Keramik is a new ceramic design laboratory based in Berlin obsessed with careful and thoughtful crafting of functional design objects #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
@atelierlewin is a jewelry design studio based in Bogot, Colombia. Their pieces are entirely handmade. Collection No.1 is the product of contemplating and experimenting with geometric shapes and their tridimensional construction. The magic and beauty captured in these pieces is accentuated by the combination of hand sketching, digital prototyping and hand work. #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
@kitayamastudio is a handcrafted leather goods brand established by MAO and JUNO in Beijing, China. The young designers work with highly experienced craftsmen and utilise genuine premium-quality leather to make designer leather goods. In pursuit of functionality, Kitayama bags marry comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility. Persistent but abstinent, principled but unsophisticated, superior but interesting: we endow a bag with a personality reflecting, we expect, that of its owner #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Fluid Lamp is based on the concept of Fluidity Formation. During the process of Fluidity Formation, the material creates voids, openings and transparency. The unique fluid material qualities give the possibility to embrace lights. When lights go through voids, openings and multi-layers of material, it creates very dynamic visual effects. The combination of fluid formation and lights are unpredictable and unique #dmy2016 #dmyberlin
Young designer Aya Zehavi presents ROYAL FOIL: Tableware series made of aluminium foil.
Ashley Scott's Hand sculpted ICEBAGS and sculptures, using her developed liquid molding technique. All ICEBAGS function as handbags or as a sitting sculpture/light fixture.
#dmynewtalent2016: We perceive the world by interpreting sensory information - through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Ultrasonic Intra-Body Communication enhances your sense of hearing. This enables the user to hear numerous devices that are implanted in the body, which are tracking and communicating their physiological health data. By appropriating the intuitive qualities of sound, this communication method allows for a more visceral connection to the information and therefore the body. What if you could hear inside your body?
#dmynewtalent2016: Carousels inspiration was to design furniture for adults which sustain a spirit of child like playing in form and function using a special manufacturing technique. This design process can evolve into new products and can bring pleasant surprises. The stool is bold, playful and simply constructed. A perfect match among conceptual and functional design by DarieLau Studio
lvaro Daz Hernndezs aim was to create a minimalist furniture design collection inspired by the essence of the line and based on a rigid welded structure. Everyday objects that transmit the attention paid to details and extremely functional letting the user to be creative allowing surfaces to be manifiested from books, magazines and little objects. The wire collection is a conceptual proposal conceived to maintain a sculptural style and a timeless aesthetic where the design fulfills the functional demands and stability with a distinct look.
#dmynewtalent2016: Alexander Mueller. The monochrome, solid European ash series, produced in collaboration with family-run Italian manufacturer Universal, combines local raw materials and modern engineering techniques with traditional craft. The collection is created using renewable energy sources. Inspired by Londons architecture Mueller has utilised a simplified line motif to enhance the overall form of the pieces by staining ash frames, which have then been chamfered to reveal the untreated ash below, adding an outline effect to the pieces.
#dmynewtalent2016: Russian-born and Berlin-based designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva is turning a decade old Siberian handcraft from her hometown into contemporary design. Koshcheeva configures From Siberia, a product-series made of natural birchbark.The fascinating natural material is not only flexible, soft, water-repellent and antibacterial, but also breathable, durable and strong. Despite these unique characteristics, it gets gradually forgotten. In response, Anastasiya Koshcheeva deals with the question of how to reinterpret an age-old Siberian tradition.
#dmynewtalent2016: Locomotion is based on a variable design adapted to customer wishes. Locomotion is the demonstration of an approach to design as artistic realization possible to produce in infinite number of variants in response to each customer. The customer chooses a zoomorphic form which is then applied to the wooden table. Construction made of prefabricated parts in relation to chosen animal is adjusted and subsequently assembled. The product itself retains its basic visuality created by designer, but it is the only original, which was made to one customer.
The are on board ;)
@qbo.coffee at DMY!!
#dmynewtalent2016: @gemleamy. Inspired by the search for a slower pace of life, Slow Coffee presents a set of tools designed to deconstruct the daily ritual of the coffee break into the five senses. Each object is designed to provoke a reaction from each of the five senses. Slow Coffee is an interactive collection of objects of curiosity, inciting the desire to engage and create a moment of reflection. Working with a scientific glassblower each object is made with borosilicate glass, set on a base made from a single sheet of copper.
DMY2016 Whitsun Special: ONLY until Monday get your FESTIVAL DAY TICKET for 9! Hurry up there are only 250 tickets available! Link in bio ;)
#dmynewtalent2016: Joar Torbirsson & time is the essence. #DMYNewTalent2016: The sculptural concept is the result of detailed research into the values of time, with the aim of interpreting time through form. Looking at both the scientific definition of time and our cultural view of it, I was inspired with the idea of a bubble having the similar properties to time... it can be stretched, compressed and even burst. In science time is defined by movement, and for us personally, time stops when the bubble bursts and something radically changes. Out of this perspective glass was the perfect material to work with.
Ondarreta presents its latest designs at BERLINTERIORS in Kreuzberg during DMY. With a special attention to the BAI chair designed by Ander Lisazo and the Mikado Family by Nadia Arratibel. Ondarreta, 40 year of tradition in designing and manufacturing tables and chairs 100% made in the Basque Country.
#dmydesignspot: The exhibition focuses on textiles as a raw material and the wide varieties of ways in which they are used. Using examples from the textiles course at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, as well as examples from industrial production, the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin is presenting a comprehensive overview of designs and applications for textile products. The panorama of items ranges from innovative and sustainably produced materials to 3D-printed clothing and functional smart textiles.
Traditional Korean lacquerware is made using secretions from the Ott tree. Extremely labour intensive and costly, the technique is becoming increasingly rare. Impressed by the properties of this waterproof, durable, antibacterial and eco- friendly lacquer as well as its history, Seung Bin Yang brings a modern version to the table with '21G', using a paper base instead of wood. What was once luxurious and heavy has now become light and modern, designed for everyday use. A whole new generation is introduced to this age-old craft in the process.
Inspired by collected ephemera and poetry, Hayley Kennell explores these ideas through collage and illustration, often using the ceramic vessel as a canvas. She strives to mix the ordinary with the unconventional in her forms, abstracting the aesthetics of function to create decorative and idiosyncratic vessels.
#dmynewtalent 2016 Marcel Pasternak will be exhibiting his #bionictoys at the #dmy2016 #dontmissit !!
Last CALL for the DMY New Talent Competition! This is the last change to get one of the 25 free exhibition spots at the Festival! Apply at dmy2016.com
The DMY New Talent competition is open again and this year we are welcoming applications from all the design disciplines! Get a free spot to exhibit at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin!! More info: link in bio ;) Good luck!!
We are happy to announce that the CALL for registrations is open NOW! More infos at www.dmy2016.com
The finalists of the #etsydesignawards are online NOW! You can give them your vote following www.etsydesignawards.com/de The one on this picture is THE KNIT KID by Sabrina Weigt. Let the vote begin!
SUPER DEAL: Purchase tickets online for the @tentlondon 2015 before the 18 Sept and save 20% www.tentlondon.co.uk/visit
We would like to thank @audicityberlin for the OPEN DESIGN WORKBENCH: 4 days of workshops including shoe design by Velt, ceramics by Milia Seyppel studio and manuFACTORY, wood design bybetahaus and an open day by DMY exhibitors, that took place at Kraftwerk Berlin during the DMY 2015 and that were very much appreciated by the general public. Picture by Ralf Rhmeier #Audi #AudiCityBerlin #DREINULL
We are at the @newdesigners in London enjoying this exhibition of more than 3000 graduates in design #nd2015
#newtalent ROY YIN introducing his project "the shrinking office" to the audience #dmy2015
The members of the jury trying the STRAP UP bench by #newtalent Philipp Schtz! Seen at #dmy2015
Synthetic bio design - age indicating package by Valerian Blos! Seen at the New Talent exhibition #dmy2015
FUTURE FOOD // Remembering the giant mealworms cooking presentation by designer Samuli Helavuo #dmy2015
Big THANK YOU to everyone that make it possible this year! We will come back soon with more nees about the 2016 edition :)
Enjoy the last few hours of Design-paradise! DMY International Design Festival Berlin - just till 6pm! #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Inspired by the soft structure of a pouf, Mexican designer based in Stuttgart made a real eye-catching and comfortable chair. // Lati-Nos Design - Lana Chair // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
re-using leather, that had not been previously used // Jorge Penads - Structural Skin // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
interactive lighting design using its own inclination to turn on // Lucie Le Guen - Mercure Lamp // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
tired? stop by at New Talent part of DMY and get some rest // Jule Waibel - Cones Unfolded Seats // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
hungry & thirsty at the moment? stop by at New Talent part of DMY // Gerdesmeyer & Krohn - 1500 New Interpretation of Tableware // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
DO ID // Hochschule fr Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin's students presenting their products, with huge quality of development process, technological advancements and sustainable design. // #2 // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
DO ID // Hochschule fr Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin's students presenting their products, with huge quality of development process, technological advancements and sustainable design. // #1 // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
@betahaus wood workshop at the #AUDI Design Workbench! Make your own wood project and bring it home #dmy2015
Unveiled // #3 light: Kristina Saajanaho - Moiree // #dmy2015 #berlin #design @unveiled2015
Unveiled // #2 stool: Shoko Bamba - Amu & therapy lamp: Niina Hyry - Spot // #dmy2015 #berlin #design @unveiled2015
Unveiled // #1 cabinet: Esko Ihalainen - Shingly & chair: Mikko Kapanen - Sottile // #dmy2015 #berlin #design @unveiled2015
Unveiled - small group of finish furniture designers, recently graduated from Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts // fresh thoughts, professional identity, new generation of Finnish design - definitely worth visiting // #dmy2015 #design #berlin @unveiled2015
Students of swedish Lund University presenting different types of lightning. // Graving Ladder - Circle of Life by Patrik Bruzellus, Jan Simon Maibaum & Letian Zhang // #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Chair made of concrete // Young belgian student Toon Vercauteren from Vomo presenting new ways of using inconceivable materials together. #dmy2015 #vomo #design #berlin
Stop by the stand of FRAME Magazine and check them out! #dmy2015 #frame #berlin // @framepublishers
Firelamps by Aleksandra Jakuc & Supon Bialystok // new way to use firefighting equipment #dmy2015 #design #berlin #polishdesign
This is happening NOW! Come and diacover how the Balvenie Washback glasses are hand made at their stand. You will be able to taste this fantastic whisky as well
We are open today until 8 pm! Come and visit us
Visitors rocking THE BEAR / We have spoken to talented young polish designer Ania Kanicka, master's degree student of Innovative Objects of Interior at Academy of Fine Arts in d. What is her main reason for doing that kind of rebellious objects? 'For me that point is, that we should more act like children, because we, as an adults are not granted to behave like we used to when we were kids. I would really like to make people happier, to commemorate them their childhood, just for few seconds through this work. The object will need great deal of space, preferably in some spacious interior.' #dmy2015
Recreated textiles // krupka-stieghan studio // #2
Recreated textiles - reusing of industrial cotton waste, which is usually burned, into the stunning collection of pieces. // krupka-stieghan studio // #1
Elimination of the gap between kitchen & dining table | tea pot and water boiler all in one - Bachelor Thesis Project by Marta Suslow who studies Industrial Design at @htwberlin #dmy2015
"Big shine" lamp by Steinbuehl.com, young Berlin label. Repeatly heated and shaped by hand, each is still a unique #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Gosia Warrink on the stage talking about pictograms and international communication #dmy2015
You VOMO rock!! #dmy2015 award wining
Let the DMY awards ceremony begins #dmy2015
Outside green area - relax, drinks, design, future. #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Come and chill with DMY! #dmy2015 #berlin #design
The showroom of five students of the Hochschule Niederrhein that insights into their master research project. The main connection issue is 'public-private'. // Madeleine Degenhardt - Stiftengehen Illustration @stiftengehen.illustration #dmy2015 #berlin #design #lasercut #illustration
Tamed Space - handmaded lights reminding beehives, made from wooden rings by a young polish designer. #tamedspace #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Talk with bettershelter.org in partnership with IKEA Foundation. Their focus is to improve the living conditions of people displaced by natural disasters and conflicts. #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Artichair - biodegradable chair made of cardoon thistle and seeds by Schaffenburg (Spyros Kizis) - winner of Green Product Award #gpaward #dmy2015 #berlin #design
Calcarenite series by Cosma Frascina / Beautiful traditional handmade pieces from young italian designer. #dmy2015 #berlin #design #lab
Angelika Taschen interviewed by Andreas Tlke. #dmy2015 #berlin #design #taschen
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #9 Anique van Helden - Micro Living // 'People will no more have that space for living as nowadays. In 2065, they will have to content with less than 50% of their space from now. That was the main reason I decided to make 10sq meters house, affordable got all people - 5 types of different houses for 5 different people.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #8 Sisi Li - Active Living // 'I created house, where you could recharge your electric appliances through the activity of your body. Even if you lie on the sofa, you will produce energy.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #7 Helen Miao - Simplified Living // I wanted to maximize the minimal, empty space. My house will be really easy to use during all of the seasons of the year. #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #6 David Benz - Tactile Living // I wanted to make the house that functions without the light. People will basically live as a blind persons. To help them to walk through the house, there will be installed curves and all of the used materials will be different.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #5 Hee-Jung Kim - Flat Living // 'I created flat flat. The floor will be used at 100%. You will live on the floor - not just walk on it.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #4 Hegia Hutaries - Safe Living // 'I made completely opposite of the bright future living. People will be scared of the biological world war, so they will have to build a safe house to protect themselves and their ancestors.' #dmy2015 #kraftwerk @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #3 Camilla Casiccia - Organic Living // 'I made brighter-future biodegradable house made from the bacterias. You will have s chance to guide your bacterias, produce your own gas, lights, house materials.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #2 Elena Conrad - Vertical Living // 'In the future, people will have to change their view of living through the space. Half of my interior is designed for the active-living people, who likes to have everything sorted out in different colored boxes. The second half is the house for old man, who likes to reach the things in few seconds. It will be all about vertical distribution, rather than horizontal.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision o living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. // #1 Yuiko Yokota - Nomadic Living // 'I made the project of portable house. You don't have to leave the house. Wherever you happen to be, you carry your house with you. People will share everything - even their kitchens or bathrooms.' #dmy2015 #berlin @enter_inside
Students from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague presenting their vision of living in 2065 - 9 students, 7 different nationalities, 1 school. #dmy2015 #berlin #kraftwerk #design @enter_inside
#dmy #berlin #futurefood #bonapetit
DMY International Design Festival starts now! #dmy2015
Getting ready! Less than 24 hours to gooooo!
A selection of stablished Berlin based designers will be shown at the Festival under the concept of Berliner Zimmer featuring designs from Gosia Warrink, Jan-Simon Veicht, Axel Veit, LUFER + KEICHEL, bartmann berlin, COORDINATION Berlin, e27 and jll & tofta #dmy2015
We are so happy to have such a cool bunch of volunteers
#DMYNewTalents: DIM-GEROUS LIGHT designed by Wen-hsin,Tu, a lamp that aims to revive the declining neon industry by showing the use of neon lights in a creative way #dmy2015
#DMYNewtalent: OXO was designed in order to develop a power generation system through the wind.This system generates renewable energy through an innovative, safe and efficient process #dmy2015
Artifacts is a project exploring the relationship between digital manufacturing tools and local raw materials. Using a Yaskawa industrial robot resin is slowly injected along a programmed path directly into sand to allow a new sort of 3d printing #dmynewtalent
We are totally in love with this project by @poing_ontour that claims the need for social networking through ping pong! To be seen, played and enjoyed at the #dmy2015
#DMYLAB: The SL9 wall lamp is the newest addition to @dimatelier collection of hand-crafted lighting. Due to the independent rotation of each arm and shade, the SL9 wall lamp can project light at multiple angles and illuminate different areas within the same space. To be seen at the #dmy2015
#DMYLAB: Gaia Cabinet is a movable furniture unit that contains soil and earthworms. It is a new educational tool that aims at teaching children the importance of preventing food waste, having a healthy-food-lifestyle and growing their own food through play and positivity. It is entirely made with recycled plastic and stainless steel, both fully recyclable #dmy2015
The Tiles Collection of knitted merino products for body and home is inspired by the diverse styles within tile mosaics in Barcelona and patterns discovered whilst travelling. Each design is initially evolved by hand, collaging fragmented shapes using paper, experimenting with colour and composition #dmylab #dmy2015
Senic is a hardware and software company based in Berlin, dedicated to exploring and designing new ways for humans to interact with technology. Their first product Nuimo is a freely programmable controller for your computer and connected devices. Check out more about it and support them through their #crowdfunding campaing
#DMYLAB Tamed Space's pendant lamps combine exquisite craftsmanship and pure form. Every lamp is handcrafted and made out of plywood treated with varnish which enhances the details of wood grains and protects its structure.
Designed by Martina Krastev, 100% Greek islands summer inspiration and manufactured in Europe; the Caldera project aims at a contemporary twist to 50s outdoor furniture, while offering a series of chairs which intrigue with their character simplicity and well-proportioned lines. The design language enhances their ability to adapt to different visual needs and environments #dmy2015 #dmyfestival
JUNE IS DESIGN IN BERLIN! Check out the program for the#DMYdesigndpots: Numerous galleries, museums, studios and design institutions are looking forward to welcoming design enthusiasts for satellite exhibitions and events all over Berlin during the days of the DMY Festival and beyond. Enjoy! More infos on link in profile.
The issue "public-private" was the starting point of research and forms the hub between all projects of five master students of the Hochschule Niederrhein. Both terms are mutually dependent and seem to be as ordinary as incomprehensible. Looking at the main topic from five various angles the exhibited objects reveal the work process of the students and show their state of affairs #DMYLAB #dmy2015
#DMYLAB: Introducing Dear hands series by Cosma Frascina, a project that intends to make society aware of the negative consequences implemented by an insane use of technology: the progressive loss of knowledge and abilities such as the pressing dialogue between the mind and the hand #dmy2015
#DMYNewtalents: Philipp schtz presents STRAP UP, a flexible furniture system specially designed for startups! Easy to install (do not require any tools or screws) & easy to transport (the legs are stackable), this furniture is produced in just 3 working steps! Come and check it out at the #dmy2015!
We are on the streets of Berlin! #dmy2015 #dmyfestival
Did you know insects are indeed very good for humans? To promote insects as human food Samuli Helavuo has created PUPA, a ceramic rearing container for giant mealworms with wooden lit. Would you give it a try?
Fall deeply in love with the Grizzly Bear, a comfortable rocking bear and functional lamp in one piece! Pull his tail and the lights in his eyes will start to shine. A project by Ania Kanicka #dmynewtalents
Introducing Daily Expeller, a product which can manufacture cooking oil easily at home in only 15 minutes. Amazing, isn't it?! #dmynewtalents #dmy2015
Recreate Textiles by Katrin Krupka & Philipp Stieghan: reuse of industrial cotton waste as a new material #newtalents2015 more infos at www.dmy2015.com
Designer: Nicole Brock // TABEAU functions more like an artistic instrument than a piece of furniture. It is a source of a woman's personal comfort and an extension of her personality.
Black Pottery by Sara de Campos is a research project of a traditional Portuguese ceramic process called barro negro
Dagny Rewera // FROST is a domestic light inspired by the beauty, fragility and complexity of ice crystal formations
New Location // Neue Location
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Special Ticket

valid June 2 from 6pm

Grand Opening 10,-€

Day Tickets

valid June 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Regular 12,-€
Reduced** 8,-€
(students, retirees, unemployed)
Pupil** 5,-€
Family ticket 22,-€
(2 adults + 2 children)
School Class* 100,-€
(up to 30 pupils + 2 teachers)
valid June 3

Tickets are available online or at the entrance.
*Application required under office@dmyberlin.com
**Verification on admission required

Opening Times

Thursday, June 2 12 noon – 12 Midnight
from 6pm Grand Opening Night (DMY-Award & Party)

Friday, June 3 10am – 8pm
Saturday, June 4 10am – 8pm
Sunday, June 5 10am – 6pm


Kraftwerk Mitte, Berlin
Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin
U-Bhf Heinrich-Heine-Straße / S-/U-Bhf Jannowitzbrücke