Gosia Warrink

Wallpaper / Pictogram Kamasutra

The symbols adorning the wallpaper Kamasutra Pictogram recall ICOON, a picture dictionary for globetrotters developed by Gosia Warrink. It was inspired by the ancient Indian epitome of eroticism. The interconnection of language and design is at the very forefront of this pattern. Minimalist figures concisely summarize the designer’s message.

Friday June 12 2015

12.00 to 13.00

Open Talks: Imagery

between conceptualised reduction and maximum information

Kraftwerk Berlin, Koepenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin

You can hiss like a snake, squirm on the ground and pierce the arm with a needle to send a signal to the Indian doctor to await your highly-poisonous bite – provided you have enough time and the clinician has the patience… With ICOON and Pictogram Kamasutra, Gosia Warrink swears by the world’s oldest, most comprehensible and most modern language: images.

Presented by: Gosia Warrink, amberpress (German)
Gosia Warrink


Special Ticket

valid June 2 from 6pm

Grand Opening 10,-€

Day Tickets

valid June 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Regular 12,-€
Reduced** 8,-€
(students, retirees, unemployed)
Pupil** 5,-€
Family ticket 22,-€
(2 adults + 2 children)
School Class* 100,-€
(up to 30 pupils + 2 teachers)
valid June 3

Tickets are available online or at the entrance.
*Application required under office@dmyberlin.com
**Verification on admission required

Opening Times

Thursday, June 2 12 noon – 12 Midnight
from 6pm Grand Opening Night (DMY-Award & Party)

Friday, June 3 10am – 8pm
Saturday, June 4 10am – 8pm
Sunday, June 5 10am – 6pm


Kraftwerk Mitte, Berlin
Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin
U-Bhf Heinrich-Heine-Straße / S-/U-Bhf Jannowitzbrücke